Our Story 
Chequered Corridor began and continues to comprise of a collective started in August 2018 amongst Fine Art graduates at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD).
It was created with hope of developing further into a Creative Art & Design Studio/Social Enterprise. The name alludes to a popular corridor within the art school that is often used directionally as a checkpoint to navigate from place to place. The original collective members are made up of 2017 and 2018 Duncan and Jordonstone College of Art & Design and University of Abertay graduates operating in the areas of art and design.
The main concept of Chequered Corridor revolves around making art and design more accessible for the general populace to “navigate” through and enjoy. As a group we echoed a feeling of frustration at the idea we were just handed our degrees and left to our own devices. We bemoaned the manner at which the creative industry operated within the general cityscape and had a desire to change it. We discussed the idea of art and design as a service and not the egoist object of appreciation. A little less of “look at me, I’m great” and more of what art could do for others, a whole city and not particular region of it.
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